Automotive shock absorbers are one of the major mechanism, apart from tires, bushes etc. to absorb vibrations and road harshness and isolate them from getting to cabin. Therefore, the main purpose of your original car suspension set up is to minimize the effect of rough road or bumps, to improve ride quality and comfort.

The original suspension set up from the factory is designed for normal use and it is not tuned for specific purposes or adjusted to suit individual  driving characteristic. Therefore, many turns to the aftermarket suspension system which is, in turn, designed and tuned for your specific need and your driving characteristic!



Twin-tube gas charged shock absorber design is commonly used in HWL Performance Shock Absorber ® Systems.

The shock absorber consists of an outer cylinder body and an inner tube. Between them are filled with high grade hydraulic fluid; nitrogen gas is then charged into it. The nitrogen gas is playing an important role in the performance of the shock absorber by preventing bubbles forming in the hydraulic fluid due to over heating under rapid motions. Bubbles (air) is compressible, therefore causing sloppy damping performance, which can be prevented by charging nitrogen gas into the cylinder.


The specially designed piston valves moved within the shock absorber inner tube adjusted themselves according to the road conditions. During demanding driving conditions, when the shock velocity is high and rapid, the piston valves reacted accordingly thus the vehicle handling is improved.

Therefore, HWL performance shock absorbers ® is fast response and keep the tires on the ground in fast corners, yet providing exceptional comfort on everyday driving.

The front shock absorber system is mostly the ¡®coil-over¡¯ type, which basically consists of coil spring and shock absorber (damper).


HWL performance shock absorber ® has another feature that allow you to adjust the height of the vehicle to suit different driving conditions. At the same time, changing the traveling distance of the coil spring to achieve desirable spring stiffness.


In some cases, the height of the vehicle can be adjusted without adjusting the spring height. This can be done by using our BODY SHIFT found on some of the HWL performance shock absorber ® systems.

The whole shock absorber cylinder body is shifted vertically by adjusting the cylinder body housing. So the height of the vehicle can be adjusted, without affecting the spring damping rate and spring traveling distance.


Beside the coil-over type of suspensions which are commonly used on today's front wheel drive vehicles; the trailing arm with torsion beam type of rear suspensions set up is also widely used on a lot of the Japanese cars, such as Honda Fit/Jazz/City, Toyota Yaris/Vitz/Vios etc.

HWL has specially developed adjustable shock absorbers system for cars with this kind of rear suspension set up.


Nowadays, people also lower the vehicle just for ecstatic purposes. It is stylish and practical using HWL performance shock absorber ® systems.

HWL has designed its suspensions to suit both the purposes without scarifying the driving comfort and safety.

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